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geeksinmedicine's Journal

Geeks In Medicine and Friends
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All Members , Moderated
This community was created to have a single place for the Geeks in Medicine to share stories so that they can find each other easily (and their friends can keep track of it). For more about the idea behind this place, see here.

Currently the community is open (open membership, open posting, etc.) and is set up under the 'free' account options. If moderation is required, it will be done.

Both geeks in medicine -- of any branch, any role, any aspect -- and their non-medicine friends are welcome to join this group. If you *are* yourself a geek in medicine, drop an introductory delurking entry, just for fun! Tell us where you're from, what it is in medicine you do, and what are your favorite interests/geekdoms/fandoms.

Welcome and enjoy! :-)